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What Is Hutbak Paper?

Hutbak paper is a type of thin paper that can be used for many different purposes. Hutbak papers; It is produced in different sizes and thicknesses. The most popular sizes of these products are 3×5″ and 4×6″. Thinner papers are usually sold in packs of 25 sheets, while thicker papers are sold in packs of 50 sheets or more. At this stage, we can easily state that both the design features and usage features of hutbak papers are quite effective.

Hutbak paper Hutbak paper is a type of high-strength, synthetic paper developed for use in currency, but is also used for many other purposes. The paper is made of polypropylene fibers. Hutbak papers are a special type of paper produced with the successful application of new generation technologies. Such papers have a practical use and; being a durable material; also makes it possible to request them frequently.

Where to Use?

It is often used for greeting cards, photo albums and scrapbooks. It can also be used for other projects such as crafts, invitations and gift tags. Hutbak papers; It is more durable than regular paper. In other words, they have a feature that can withstand folding and bending. Nor does it need to be laminated or covered with plastic to make it waterproof, as other types of synthetic paper do. Hutbak paper is a light and waterproof paper. Hutbak paper is a special design paper made from the pulp of rubber trees.

How Is Hutbak Paper Produced?

Hutbak papers; It is produced with a special production technique. Hutbak is harvested without damaging the tree, dried and pressed into paper. The resulting paper is extremely durable as it is soaked in tree sap making it water resistant. Because of its durability and unique appearance, hutbak paper has many uses around the home and office.

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