Paper Types

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Shamua Paper, Sulphite Paper, Greaseproof Paper, Lwc Paper, Sc Paper, Newsprint Paper, Onion Skin Paper, Hutbak Paper, Kraft Paper, 3. Grade Paper Pilp

Shamua Paper

Shamua paper is a paper produced from brown cellulose, with 100% cellulose content. It has a smooth and flat structure. It is used in glass processing and stainless steel fields.

Sulphite Paper

Sulphite Paper, which is used in productions such as packaging and pouches, generally consists of cellulose and wood pulp.

Greaseproof Paper

Baking paper (oiled paper) is one of the materials used to wrap the food, to prevent the food to be baked from sticking to the tray and to prevent the tray from getting dirty, and provides ease of use in the kitchen.

Lwc Paper

They are paper groups produced in different weights in the range of 40-90 gr/m2. Covering paper is used in the packaging industry and in gift wrapping papers.

Sc Paper

It is used in the production of magazines, daily-weekly-monthly periodicals, brochures.

Newsprint Paper

Newspaper papers are used instead of protection papers.

Onion Skin Paper

It is used in patisseries and places where food is available, such as catering cafeterias.

Hutbak Paper

It is mainly used in textile, stationery, agriculture, souvenirs, ornaments and party materials, and also in the food sector.

Kraft Paper

It plays an important role in the transportation, handling and protection of hard or heavy items. It is also used in invitation papers.

3. Grade Paper Pilp

This paper, which has more wood in its composition than the amount of cellulose, is called straw paper in daily life.

Packaging Production Company

While making all kinds of wrapping paper, food safety, shelf life, barrier protection, ease of use and excellent print quality are offered.

Paper Bag

Printed unprinted paper bags are made. We produce your requests such as hamburger paper, sandwich paper, pastry paper, bagel paper as 1st quality.


With our packaging and paper bag product range that appeals to every sector, we also carry out special productions for the wishes of our valued customers.

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