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What Is Greaseproof Paper?

Greaseproof paper is a type of food-grade paper coated with a silicone-based polymer. The silicone coating prevents oil from penetrating the paper and sticking to anything you wrap or cook. These papers are typically used as a food wrap. Although they are designed to be used in different areas, they are best known for their ability to keep food fresh. Greaseproof paper is also used for lining baking trays and trays during baking. Because it allows the oil to drip from the tray to the bottom surface.

Greaseproof paper is a thin layer of wax paper used in the kitchen to protect food from contamination. It can also be used to line baking trays, wrap sandwiches and keep bread fresh. Such papers are very common packaging products with multiple uses. You can use it to wrap sandwiches and store leftovers in the refrigerator. You can also use it to align baking sheets or pans when cooking meat.

Greaseproof Paper Damages

Oily papers, which are frequently preferred for different reasons, contain bleach and dioxin. Due to these properties, the number of comments that greaseproof paper is harmful is quite high. Especially when high temperatures occur in ovens, there is a possibility of the substances in the wax paper to be released. This brings with it the risk that the content of the wax paper will pass directly to the food. If you are going to use oiled papers at this stage, you must pay attention to the instructions for use.

How to Use Greaseproof Paper?

Greaseproof paper is often used to wrap sandwiches and other foods. It is also used for lining baking trays and making disposable plates. This type of paper; can be easily torn along straight lines. But it does not tear well along the vein. This is because both sides are coated with wax which makes it harder than regular paper.

Greaseproof papers are a type of coated paper that has a thin layer of wax applied to one or both sides. These papers are waterproof. Again these papers; It is a material that is easy to clean. Greaseproof paper also makes it heat resistant, so you can use the waxed paper in the microwave or oven. This material; You can also use it to align baking trays so that food doesn’t stick to them during cooking or baking.

When Was Greaseproof Paper Invented?

Production of greaseproof papers M.S. It dates back to 105 years. This type of paper, which first appeared in China, was developed in the next period. At first, waxes were used in the production of oiled papers. Today, modern versions of this product do not contain wax. Instead, new generation materials are used to repel water and oil.

In the light of all this information, wax papers help prevent the paper from sticking to food and other surfaces. Thus, it also helps you to protect your food from external conditions while cooking. At this stage, it is useful to be careful when using such products in order to obtain the desired performance from oiled papers.

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