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What Is SC Paper?

SC paper; It is a product belonging to the coated paper group, which has a very thin design. This product, which comes in different weights; It is usually available in coil format on the market. This paper type, which is suitable for rotogravure printing technique; HSWO also produces good results in prints. This product is produced in 50gr, 60gr and 86cm sizes, mainly 43gr and 47gr. SC paper, which has the ability to fully perform at a high level; used in a wide area. In fact, this is due to the fact that the material is a quality material.

What Are SC Paper Properties?

SC papers, a product supported by advanced technologies; production features have improved. When SC paper features come to the fore, the following options appear;

  • It has a high surface strength
  • Allows for serial printing
  • It is low cost because it has a thin weight feature.

SC paper is a product that can be supplied at an affordable price range, but also has a practical use feature. Due to these features, we can easily state that SC papers are in high demand. In parallel with the development of production technologies recently, we can state that the usage areas of SC papers are expanding day by day.

Where Is SC Paper Used?

SC paper, which appears as a qualified material; It has a wide range of uses. The features listed below are among the prominent features of SC papers;

  • Magazine printing
  • Brochure printing
  • Daily or monthly periodicals

SC paper, where there is always a high demand; It comes in different price options. If you are going to buy such a product, you should definitely do a detailed price research. So you can get SC paper exactly in your budget.

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