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What Is Wrapping Paper?

What is wrapping paper? Wrapping paper is one of the most common forms of secondary packaging used in modern times. Packaging papers; gifts, food products, clothing, etc. can be used for wrapping. When it comes to packaging paper types, we come across products in different shapes, sizes and colors. So you can choose any type according to your needs. Wrapping papers are usually made from thin sheets of paper by printing patterns on them using various techniques such as offset printing or letterpress printing.

The packaging industry is a global industry that deals with the design and manufacture of packaging materials for various products. Packaging is essential for a product to survive in the market. A quality packaging material; It extends the shelf life of a product and also helps in easy handling and handling of goods. That is why the demand for such products has been increasing day by day.

What Are the Types of Wrapping Paper?

The packages, which come across with different design features, ensure the protection of the packaged products. Papers intended for packaging; It is a type of paper used to wrap gifts and protect products. These products, which come in various colors and patterns; It can be used both as a gift wrap material and as a decorative item. This type of paper comes in different sizes and shapes, though some are specifically designed for gift wrapping. The most common types of wrapping paper are as follows;

  • Hutpak paper
  • Paper bags
  • Transparent scrolls
  • Wrapping kraft papers
  • Wax coated papers
  • Imitation kraft papers – Sulphite paper

Packaging papers are products where functionality always comes to the fore. However, such products also have decorative features. Decorative wrapping papers are similar to gift wrapping. However, it tends to have fewer designs and can be a single solid color or multiple colors combined on a single page. We can also state that this type of paper is produced at a high quality, especially in parallel with the development of production technology.

Wrapping Paper Wholesale

If you want to buy packaging products in an advantageous way, packaging paper wholesale options are the most logical solution. In general, to be purchasing a product in wholesale; It makes it possible to make an affordable purchase. Of course, this also applies to packaging papers.

How Much Are Wrapping Paper Prices?

Packaging paper prices, which have been in high demand recently; It varies depending on the quality and usage characteristics of the product. As is known, packaging papers; It is the most common type of wrapping paper. It is used to wrap gifts, protect items, and add design and style to products. Packaging papers come in many different styles, sizes and designs, so their prices are also different. Therefore, if you are going to buy such a product, you must take part in a detailed price research!

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