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What Is Sulfite Paper?

Sulphite paper; It is a type of paper made from wood pulp. The sulfite papermaking process involves mixing wood with sulfuric acid. This results in a chemical reaction that creates a paste-like substance. This substance is then used to make paper. Sulfite paper is used as an alternative to normal paper as it does not burn easily when exposed to flame or heat.

We can say that sulphite papers produced from cellulose and wood pulp are a frequently preferred material in the packaging industry. This material, which is used in many different sectors; It also has different features according to its usage area. It is characterized by high gloss and whiteness, excellent resistance to yellowing and low sensitivity to light.

What Are the Sulfite Paper Properties?

Sulphite paper; It can be made from wood pulp, cotton fiber pulp. This type of paper has several properties that make it suitable for use in certain applications. The prominent advantage of sulfide paper is that it is highly resistant to fire and flame, making it ideal for use in fireproof safes. Also, this type of paper; It has excellent durability. Sulphite papers; It has good resistance to alkalis, strong acids and organic solvents.

Where Is Sulfite Paper Used?

Sulphite paper can be used in almost any application where clear and legible copies are required. This paper type is a paper type that can be used for color printing. The areas listed below are the areas where such papers are frequently used;

  • Food industry
  • Printing technologies
  • Packaging industry
  • Souvenir industry

The biggest advantages of using sulfide paper are that it delivers excellent quality prints and will not fade over time if stored properly. In addition, such papers have an ideal effect on design. As a natural result of this situation, it is among the most demanded paper group recently.

Sulfite White Paper

Sulphite white paper, a food contact material; It is a widely used type of paper. This type of paper, which is frequently preferred especially in food packaging; They also have an ideal effect on design. These papers, which have a protective effect on the products placed inside; It also makes it possible to avoid any scratches on the products.

Sulphite white papers that help keep products safe during shipping; It is produced in weights ranging from 35 to 300 g/2. This type of paper, which has a high content of cellulose content, also has a high degree of strength. As a natural consequence of this situation, it has been in demand recently.

Brown Sulphite Paper

Brown sulphite paper produced in medium and thin weights; stands out with its high degree of strength. These products, which have an ideal structure in packaging; They are among the products with a very wide usage area. These papers are especially preferred when it comes to outer packaging.

Other Paper Types

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