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What Is Shamua Paper?

Shamua paper; It is a high quality paper. Produced using 100% cellulose. Since the paper has a perfectly smooth structure, it also reflects a remarkable effect. This type of paper, which has an effective use in industrial areas; It has also managed to attract a high level of attention recently.

The main feature of shamua paper is its strength and durability. Moreover, this paper; It can be folded and stored for years without losing its shape. This feature makes it an ideal choice for the Holy Quran. Because the Quran; they usually fold up when reading and should last hundreds of years undisturbed. Since Shamua paper is a long-lasting paper, it is often preferred in such areas.

Is Shamua Paper Good?

Shamua paper attracts attention as a product that is particularly water resistant. This type of paper, which can remain intact for many years; It is among the quality paper categories. This type of paper, which can be used for many things, especially prayer books, calligraphy and other fine arts; It is also used in the Quran. This paper type, whose properties are constantly being developed; It also has an ideal structure in terms of aesthetic visuality.

Shamua papers come to the fore with their durability, first of all. This material, which is also resistant to fire; It also shows resistance against oil and similar external factors. This material, which is used extensively in patisseries and bakeries today; It is a type of paper that the ready-made food industry is also interested in.

What Are Shamua Paper Properties?

The main feature of shamua paper is that it does not absorb any liquid. It also has a smooth surface and does not use any chemicals for bleaching or whitening. This type of paper does not tear easily, making it suitable for printing Quran texts as well as other important documents.

Shamua paper has a rough surface that makes it easy to write on. Roughness also allows an image to be easily printed on paper. These papers; it is water resistant. And while writing on these papers; ink does not transfer to the next page. Therefore, shamua paper; It has an excellent effect on the writing point.

When Shamua paper features come to the fore, a wide-ranging field emerges. As a natural consequence of this situation, the usage areas of such papers are quite high. This type of paper, which was widely used in holy books; Recently, it has been used extensively in the industrial sector. In fact, this is due to the fact that shamua papers have become more functional recently.

Is Shamua Paper Used In The Qur'an?

Shamua paper has been used for printing Qur’anic texts for a long time. Today, such papers are used for printing the Qur’an in many countries of the world. There are also their own versions of such papers. Shamua paper at this stage; It is a type of paper used in many important documents.

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