A Kağıt

Food Wrap Paper, Sandwich Paper, Hamburger Paper, Paper Bag, Wrapping Paper

Food Wrap Paper

There is no harmful substance during the production of food wrap papers prepared by our company, A Kağıt.

Sandwich Paper

Sandwich papers, which are as important as the food of many fast food companies as well as famous places such as Burger King and McDonalds, are produced by our company.

Hamburger Paper

The entire process from the design to the manufacture of hamburger papers is carried out by the expert staff in our company.

Paper Bag

Paper bags, which are indispensable for restaurants and cafes, are produced by A Kağıt under healthy conditions and in safe hands.

Wrapping Paper

All types of packaging papers are produced within our company which is A Kağıt.

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Packaging Production Company

While making all kinds of wrapping paper, food safety, shelf life, barrier protection, ease of use and excellent print quality are offered.

Paper Bag

Printed unprinted paper bags are made. We produce your requests such as hamburger paper, sandwich paper, pastry paper, bagel paper as 1st quality.


With our packaging and paper bag product range that appeals to every sector, we also carry out special productions for the wishes of our valued customers.

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