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Where Is Onion Skin Paper?

Plush paper; They are the packaging used to put and package gifts. These packages are made from recycled materials, are environmentally friendly and are biodegradable. It is a very soft, delicate and absorbent type of paper. These papers made from wood pulp; It has been in high demand lately.

Pelur papers can be used wonderfully to wrap gifts with care. You can also use it to make gift boxes from cardboard or other materials such as wood or metal. You can even use it as a coating on your table when serving dessert at a party!

Where Is Onion Skin Paper Sold?

If you are going to buy pelur paper, you can buy such products from companies that sell wholesale packaging. In addition, it is possible to buy pelur paper, especially through online platforms. If you want to buy a quality material at this stage; You should make sure that the place you buy is institutional.

What Are the Features of Onion Skin Paper?

Pelur paper is a product used to transport products in the packaging process. This type of paper is made of a special blend that makes it stronger than other types of paper. Pelur paper has many different properties for its use as packaging material. It can be used as a protective layer between two products or as an inner layer to prevent the contents from being damaged by liquid, moisture and other substances. The thickness of the pelur tissue will depend on what it is used for and how much protection you need from damage to your contents.

Where Is Onion Skin Paper Used?

These products, which are frequently preferred especially in areas such as cafes and restaurants; It is also among the indispensables of the retail industry. Office supplies, such as file folders, notebooks, all need some form of protection from external factors such as dust and moisture. Plush papers are perfect for this purpose. Because they are thin enough to fit in tight places. However, they are thick enough not to tear easily if you use them carefully.

It can also be used as a coating material to keep foodstuffs such as cakes and pastries clean and dust-free during transportation or storage. Plush paper; It is also used in the food packaging industry to wrap noodles or other foodstuffs that need to be wrapped to keep them fresh and free from dust particles.

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