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What Is LWC Paper?

LWC paper, also classified as light coated; Made of mechanical dough. This material produced by mechanical separation of wood chips and logs; It has also managed to attract attention as a durable material. LWC paper, also known as bond card, is a form of paper that can be used to make a variety of products. The material is typically used in the construction and manufacturing industries as a protective barrier between layers of material. LWC paper consists of two sheets of paper laminated together with an adhesive backing on one side.

Where Is LWC Paper Used?

LWC Paper is widely used in coating and laminating areas to create floors with durable properties. In addition, such papers are used in all kinds of printing and dyeing works. LWC papers; It is a kind of high strength and low weight special design papers. It has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness and wear resistance, good electrical insulation properties, chemical stability, acid resistance and alkali resistance. The features listed below are the prominent features of this type of paper;

  • An effective white
  • High intensity level
  • An effective surface strength
  • Smooth and uniform coating feature
  • High degree of hardness and folding strength
  • Allows live printing

LWC Paper Wholesale

As of today, it is quite normal for you to come across different alternative options when you are considering buying an LWC. At this stage, we can state that wholesale purchases of LWC paper allow to provide such products at an affordable price. Features If you follow a comprehensive research process closely before buying an LWC paper; You can get such products in a budget-friendly way. At this stage, you pay attention to the product quality and price balance; It will make it possible for you to buy a product with exactly the features you want.

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